Whether you are facing divorce, separation or other family difficulties GHW Solicitors understand family law and we pride ourselves on offering the very best service. We can help you decide what is right personally, legally and financially, for you and your family.

We know that engaging the services of a family lawyer is often the very last thing you want to do. We understand that when you ask for advice on a family law issue it may be one of the most difficult and challenging times of your life. GHW Solicitors are here to ensure you are guided through your family law issues with confidence and certainty that the best people for the job are looking out for you.

We can offer advice on all aspects of family law including the following:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Negotiating Financial Settlement
  • Pre Nuptial or Co-habitation Agreements
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does a divorce take?

Usually an uncontested divorce takes about four to six months to complete. Any issues to do with the children or finances could take longer, often between six and twelve months.

My spouse will not disclose their financial information, what should I do?

It is extremely important in any case that there is full and relevant disclosure of the family’s finances from both parties. Normally a request is made for voluntary financial disclosure. This includes details of all assets, liabilities, outgoings and pension provisions with documents to support. Where a party refuses to do this then you are entitled (through divorce proceedings) to make a financial application. The Court will then automatically set a timetable for certain tasks, such as disclosure, to be completed.

How much does a divorce normally cost?

An average undefended divorce usually costs in the region of £500-£750 plus VAT for the solicitor. In addition there is a court fee of £550 to start the proceedings and obtain the decree absolute at the end. Other cases can be more complicated if there are disputes in relation to children or finances and this will increase the costs. GHW will give you a clear estimate at the outset and will constantly update you regarding costs throughout the progress of your case. We also offer various payment options such as monthly payment plans if required.

Where will the children live?

The living arrangements for the children will need to be carefully discussed and considered where parents separate. In a lot of cases the parents are able to reach an agreement about what time the children will spend with each of them. This might not be easy but remember that although you have rights, more importantly, the children have a right to see their parents and to spend time with each of them. Where parents cannot agree matters then the court can assist. This can be by way of a residence order and/or a contact order. In some cases there can be a shared residence order. What is most important is the welfare of the children and what is in their best interests.

My partner and I are not married; does this make a difference when separating?

Yes, the fact that you are not married can make a significant difference. There is no such thing as a ‘common law’ husband or wife. The legal rights and remedies might be limited to the family home and how this is owned. Where there are children, however, it might be possible to make an additional claim for financial provision for a child under Schedule 1 Children Act 1989.

Any tips for dealing with my ex-partner or spouse?

It is important to try and maintain amicable with your ex. We are aware that this is easier said than done however cases that often proceed to expensive final hearings are usually those where has been little to no communication between the parties. It is important to focus on relevant issues and work as a team with your family solicitor.
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