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December 21, 20160

It seems that for some their New Year’s resolutions are more drastic than giving up chocolate or cigarettes.
Maybe it’s the gloomy, cloudy and cold winter weather finally setting in or maybe it’s a crash from the stress of the holidays. Whatever it is, the months of January to March have gathered a reputation for being the time of year with the highest instances of couples seeking legal advice on divorce or separation, and unfortunately 2015 is set to be no different.

Christmas is great but for some couples, who’ve perhaps already been struggling in their marriage for some time; it can be the final straw for their relationship. Spending extra time with family, the cost of the festivities or wanting to see the festive season through for the sake of the children, is often the reason behind the upturn in divorce petitions in the weeks following Christmas.

That being said, GHW appreciate that there’s no good time to divorce. If you’re going to do it, January is as good as any time. It’s no more or less painful than it is in June. Divorce is ultimately a very personal decision, and we understand that what suits you doesn’t have anything to do with the date on the calendar.

GHW believe it’s important to divorce at the time that’s psychologically best for you. However, if your relationship is feeling extra-chilly in January, take heart in knowing that you’re not alone. If you’re considering divorce, do what’s right for you, at your own pace.
GHW recognize that taking the steps to divorce your partner is a momentous decision however we believe that it is one that is easier faced when you are aware of your rights. Seeing a solicitor will allow you to understand not only the divorce process but also your financial position and what you are entitled to following your separation.

We offer free initial consultations and would strongly recommend that people take the advice even if they do not decide to go forward at that stage. GHW are here to help and support you in any way possible so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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